Last Saturday 1st. September, 2018, within the celebration 10 years of the National Beat Poetry Festival directed by the poets Coli...

Jael Uribe | Nominated | Poet Laureate | in Connecticut

Last Saturday 1st. September, 2018, within the celebration 10 years of the National Beat Poetry Festival directed by the poets Colin Haskins and Debbie T Kilday, the Dominican writer and founder of the Woman Scream International Poetry and Arts Festival, Jael Uribe was nominated "International Beat Poetry Laureate 2018-2019. The ceremony, in which Uribe was present, was held in the city of New Hartford, Connecticut, USA at 2 pm, with the presence of national poets and guests from abroad. In addition to Jael, poets from other cities and countries were awarded, among them: Chris Vannoy (National Beat Poet Laureate), Darlene Fernandez (Connecticut), Barry Graham (Michigan), Tammi Truax (Maine), Larry Jaffe (Florida), David K. Leff (New England), Bengt O Björklund (Sweden), Aprilia Zank (Germany), Daniela Voicu (Romania).

Jael Uribe expressed gratitude as her voice was taken into account by the "Beat Poets" of this new generation, compared to the silence that characterized the presence of most women that belonged to the “Beat Poetry Movement” in previous years. Later on, she delighted the audience with her poetry-performance and declaimed poems in English and Spanish. The NBPF events were held from August 31 to September 4, with the participation of poets and musicians from different generations, including: William F. DeVault, Ngoma Hill, James Paul Wagner, Carlo Parcelli, Viviana Duncan, John Burroughs, Jessica Brooke Miller, John Landry, Elizabeth Fontaine, Prince A McNally, Derek Windrick, Paul Richmond, Tchalla Williams, Richard Wayne Horton, Sandra Feen, Lori Desrosiers, Krysia Jopek, Evelyn Augusto, John Burroughs, Paul Richmond, Rayn Roberts, Shaw Israel Izikson, among others. The musical presentations were given by: Lisa Lawrence Uzanas, Tony Vacca and Donna Gentile.

In addition, there was an "open mic" section, space for all poets who came to the festival to showcase their talent. The festival's agenda took place in two different locations: Noelke Gallery in Torrington, CT and The Licia & Mason Beekley Community Library in New Hartford, CT.

Among the works presented, there were magnificent artists of the "Spoken Word", with poems in favor of equality and social justice, among other topics of interest. Also the anthology "BEAT-itude" was presented, which compiles 10 years of the NBPF (2008-2018) with contemporary beat poets from around the world. The NBPF is, up to date, the largest beat poetry festival running in the United States and the world.

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