"If you have time to criticize others, you're missing the chance to learn from them"

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A poem from Jael Uribe

Jael Uribe (Born in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic) is a writer, designer, storyteller, poet and painter. She is the President-CEO of a female poetic foundation named Women Poets International Movement (Mujeres Poetas Internacional MPI Inc.). She is considered the initiator of the Grito de Mujer (Woman Scream International Poetry and Arts Festival), a worldwide chain of events celebrated during the whole month of March each year to honor women and creating awareness about women violence.

Jael graduated in Publicity Arts at the Universidad Autónoma de Santo Domingo (UASD) and a Master in Editorial Design and Digital Publishing at the Instituto Superior de Diseño of Barcelona (ESDesign). She writes poetry and fiction since her early years and has dedicated her time to the development of cultural projects that promote female contemporary poetry internationally. Among her projects there are poetry contests for women, international event callings, poetry anthologies, poetry recitals, etc. All her proposals involve women and focus on non-violence and female issues. Her most notable work was the creation of Woman Scream International Poetry and Arts Festival that serves, since 2011, as a launching platform for both, known and unknown female poets and artist, and supporting them towards an international poetry and art career.

Since 2009, she has been part of several cultural events, national and international publications, and supported women causes. Among the major projects she has participated in the National Writing Project in New Hampshire at Plymouth University in 2012, the Children Literature’s Institute in Connecticut, USA, 2006.

Cultural Management

Ecounter of Women for Culture, Santo Domingo, 2017

Jael Uribe has created several cultural events that involve poets and artists internationally, being the Grito de Mujer (Woman Scream Poetry and Arts Festival) the most important. It counts with the support of many literary groups and private and public institutions, poets, artists and organizations worldwide that work together as volunteers in pursuit of the same goal to promote through poetry and arts messages of self-esteem and non-violence against women and girls. As President of the Women Poets International Movement, she has coordinated over 700 events from the Dominican Republic in over 60 countries. She has created cultural events to help other poets and artist to become known internationally and through Woman Scream International Poetry and Arts Festival, she has helped women involved in her causes to develop their leadership and cultural management skills.

Her work has unified literary groups, public and private institutions to promote the cause of non-violence. The festival has been featured in book fairs, ministries of culture, and other institutions in several countries.

Graphic Design


In the area of graphic design, Jael has created the conceptualization of various nonviolence campaigns, slogans, logos and the corporate identity of the projects and events she has developed. She is also the designer of the general concept of the Grito de Mujer® brand and all its projects and proposals.

Awards and recognition


In 2018, she was selected as International Beat Poet Laureate 2018-2019 by the National Beat Poetry Festival in Connecticut, USA, She was featured at Forbes Margazine (Dic. 2018) as one of the “Most Creative People from LatinAmerica” and included in the list of the "14 Dominican authors you have to read" by the magazine Fierce by Mitú. In 2017 she received in Norway the prestigious “Freedom of Expression Award 2016” (Ytringsfrihetsprisen) by the Norwegian Author’s Union in Oslo.  In 2016 she won International Poetry Award Vicente Rodríguez-Nietzsche celebrated by the Porto Rico International Poetry Festival. In 2015 she was nominated “Women Of The Year” by a Dominican Major Newspaper Diario Libre, for her cultural work in 2014. In 2013 she received the award for her life essay in the Competition Mujeres: Voces, Imágenes y Testimonios de Voces Nuestras, in Costa Rica. In 2012 she received a plaque from the Direction of the XV International Book Fair of Santo Domingo. In 2012, she got recognition for the cultural management of Women Poets International by Ediciones Limaclara, Argentina, 2012. In 2012 she wins a mention at the Diablos Azules poetry competition in Trujillo, Peru. In 2011 she won another mention in the Caños Dorados International Poetry competition in Cordoba, Spain. In 2012 she received a mention in the Nano Expressiones Project in Venezuela, 2010. In 2010, she received a first prize for a children story at the Children's Literature Contest ELIEC in Argentina, 2010.

Oslo, Norway. Freedom of Expression Award, march 2017


Books and publications

Jael Uribe is the author of the poetry book “De la Muerte al Fénix” (From Death to Phoenix), her first book, that compiles in over 180 pages her poetry up to 2014, it was published by the Ministry of Culture in Dominican Republic and the General Direction of the Santo Domingo International Book Fair in December 2016. From Death to Phoenix defines 5 different stages of her life as poetry author, starting with a death period, passing through the night, love, life, feminism, and ending with her becoming a fire bird, a Phoenix, raised above all darkness. Coming to the light path alongside Uribe is always an adventure to discover. Her poetry is complicated, obscure and somehow erotic and exoteric. 

Jael Uribe's special eng/spa poetry selection book for National Beat Poetry Festival 2018. Connecticut, USA. On her nomination as "International Beat Poet Laureate 2018-2019".

This 66 pages beautiful designed chapbook contains 17 of her most representative poems, among them inedited poetry, specially chosen for this limited edition by our Rosado Fucsia editorial project and the National Beat Poetry Foundation Inc.

Get you copy here!

Jael Uribe was the editor and co-editor of some women anthologies: The “Yo Soy Mujer" (I am woman), the “Grito de Mujer” (Woman Scream) anthology, the Muñecas (Dolls) anthology, against children abuse, where many Spanish speaking women poets participated to support the cause, also the Anthology Faros de Esperanza, in honor of mothers who lost their daughters due to violence. 

She has been published on several online and printed magazines and newspapers. Her poetry appears in over twenty international anthologies. Some of her work has been translated and published into other languages such as: Greek, Norwegian and Macedonian. She has another 5 unpublished books, among them independent awarded poetry, and stories.

You can collaborate with her project Women Poets International in their blog and learn more about Woman Scream on its official Facebook English page.

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"Si vous avez le temps de critiquer, vous perdez le tours d'apprendre."

Jael Uribe est né à Saint-Domingue, République Dominicaine. Elle est la fondatrice du Movimiento MujeresPoetas Internacional (MPI) (le Mouvement International des Femmes Poètes ) et le créatrice du Festival International de Poésie e D'Arts « Grito de Mujer » (Cri de Femme) en honneur des femmes et contre la violence. Le Festival Cri de Femme a été célébré mondialement.

Elle est diplômée en arts publicitaires, avec un diplôme en relations publiques et communication conrporative, et une Master en Design et édition et Publications électroniques à l'Institut de Design à Barcelone. entre autres des études en littérature, en art et en technologie. Elle est plasticienne et graphiste. Elle écrit de la poésie et de la prose dès son âge précoce et s’est dédiée au développement de projets culturels promouvant la poésie contemporaine féminine et à des projets qui valorisent les femmes à l’échelle internationale.

Elle est l'auteur du livre de poésie "De la muerte al Fénix" (De la mort à phoenix) qui compile sa poésie jusqu'à l'année 2014 publié Décembre 2016 par le ministère de la Culture en RD et la Direction de la Foire du Livre à Santo Domingo. Jael a collaboré avec de nombreux des magazines digitales et imprimés, des événements culturels au niveau international. Elle a écrit quatre autres livres Parmi eux 3 de la poésie et un livre de contes et d'histoires.

Jael a développé sa carrière comme éditeur, publiciste, et elle a aussi a la passion pour la peinture, le le dessin, la traduction, entre autres talents, utilisé pour le bien de l'humanité.

Vous pouvez collaborer avec des projets du ici: Mouvement des Femme Poètes International, et aussi allez a leur blog Cri de Femme site officiel de festival en Français Facebook.

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